Best Farms of the Matanuska Valley | Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast in Palmer, Alaska

Best Farms of the Matanuska Valley

Best Working Farms of the Matanuska Valley


WILD ANIMALS: Musk Ox & Reindeer

Right here in amazing Palmer, we have the Musk Ox Farm and the Reindeer Farm.  Both are a must-see! Our home is within 10 minutes of either and both are well worth the time.  Each is an inexpensive way to experience some unforgettable Alaskan 'real-life'.

CROPS:  Matanuska Giant Vegetables

Our Matanuska Valley is known world-wide for being the place to grow 100 pound head of cabbage or footlong greenbeans.  We have some amazing working produce farms right here and most everyone has a garden.  Palmer city has several "Edible Landscape" gardens open for the community to gleen vegetables for free.  Among the best to visit are: Pyrah's Pioneer Peak U-Pick Farm, Full Circle Farms, VanderWeele Farm,  Arctic Organics and Rempel Family Organics.  The Remple Family Farm is in the Bodenburg Butte area. This farm raises over 100 different certified organic vegetables on 135 acres. There is so much intriguing history wrapped up in our farms there are tours just to visit them!

Take a scenic drive along Farm Loop Rd to see more remaining colony farms.

DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Dairy Cattle, goats, sheep

Built during the Palmer Colony days in 1935, Havemeister Dairy Farm is the only remaining working dairy farm.  Touring the milking parlor, barn and gradens is a fun and educational experience for both children and adults.

Challenges in all the local farming are many: frost, disease, weather, pests, moose and limited growing season.  Cottonwood Creek Farm is a dairy goat farm where goat milk can be purchased and baby goats are always available. 

There are many small sheep herds here in the heart of the Matanuska Valley, including MINE here at Alaska's Harvest B&B, where I raise Shetland Sheep for their awesome personalities and great fleece. Be sure to walk down Barn Road to my pasture and pet the sheep as they come running to the fence to be friendly!