The Dirt Sheep | Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast in Palmer, Alaska

The Dirt Sheep

When I am not busy changing sheets and getting things ready for the next guest, I make time to enjoy some of my favorite things – I sheer my sheep, then spin and dye the wool. I also love to get my hands dirty and make pottery. These hobbies have evolved into me having an on-site gift shop, The Dirt Sheep, where you can browse for a souvenir to take away from Alaska with you. You can see what I am currently working on, or just say hello and “Like” my page on Facebook by clicking here!

I’m lucky enough to have a space at the Alaska State Fair, here in Palmer, every August. I get to meet such interesting people and share what I’ve created throughout the year. The state fair is always the last week of August and first week of September and during that 2 weeks, The Dirt Sheep is on site at the fairgrounds. The rest of the year, it is located here at the Bed and Breakfast and is full of my hand made pottery and home grown wool, roving and yarns. Locals shop The Dirt Sheep all year long, so feel free to visit the booth/gift shop while you are here.